General Information


The objective of this program is to form professional researchers in all fields of plant biology and biotechnology. The Program’s staff are professors and researchers from the UAB and the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics with consolidated experience in all areas of Plant Sciences including Genetics, Systematics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Physiology. The professional opportunities for PhDs from this Plant Biology and Biotechnology program include the academic and research career at universities, research centers and institutes, as well as R+D departments of industries in the areas of Green, Grey and Red Biotechnology.

Other possibilities include research and development of new methodologies in the field of identification and conservation of plant germplasm (germplasm collections, botanical gardens) and the identification, evaluation and improvement of plant products used in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Candidate Profile

The specific requirements of this PhD program aim to establish a student profile that maximizes the chances of success in the program. Students should have acquired research experience in an appropriate Master Program and accredit knowledge of basic concepts and tools in plant biology, biotechnology, molecular biology and genetics.  We are looking for proactive persons keen and able to both integrate and develop new knowledge.

Professional opportunities

This PhD program gives the following principal career options:

  • Researcher at national and international universities and research institutions.
  • Researcher in different company R&D+I departments:

Seeds and genetic improvement of plants
Phytosanitary products
Natural products
Bioenergy sources

  • Responsibility for collections and conservation of plant germplasm in botanical gardens and national and international collection centers.
  • Business owner.
  • Consultant.
  • Teaching at university or secondary level
  • Plant biotechnology product management.
  • Scientific publishing management.

Objectives and justification

The main aim of the PhD in Plant Biology and Biotechnology program is to prepare students able to develop original and innovative research projects in the public and private sectors at the national and international level.

This is achieved through the performance of the doctoral thesis, where the student with the help of the thesis director(s) (supervisor) carries through an innovative research project which allows the training of all abilities required for an excellent professional researcher.

Research infrastructure

Besides the physical resources for teaching and research that the UAB provides for all its PhD programs, students on this program can also make use of the following research infrastructures.

  • Workspaces for PhD students.
  • Research laboratories.
  • Specific equipment and large scientific facilities such as the ALBA Synchrotron.
  • Infrastructures for document searching and information retrieval and online networking.


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